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12 Reasons Why You Need Emergency Dental Care

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It’s many people’s habit to just try to endure and then ignore a dental issue. But just when you think the problem is gone when the pain is, more serious trouble could be coming your way. If you have one of these problems, don’t wait a day and call an emergency dental care provider near you immediately.



1. Bleeding, Swelling and Aching Gums

If your gums bleed after flossing, you might have gum disease. Gums don’t normally bleed and when it’s swelling, aching, and bleeding more than usual, you should promptly call for help. Periodontitis or gum disease affects the health of the tissues, bones, and gums supporting your teeth and you don’t want to wait until it becomes non-restorable. 




2. Cracked, Broken or Loose Tooth

After a few visits to an emergency dental doctor, you will notice that saving a tooth is often the topmost priority. So when your tooth is cracked or broken, a dentist will have to assess the severity of the condition before pulling it out. In the case that a tooth is knocked out or loosened due to an accident or a sport, it is imperative to seek emergency dental care. The dentist can try to re-insert the tooth and restore it to proper health.




3. Severe Toothache

Toothaches often signal many different dental problems. If it’s just a minor ache, there are in-home remedies you can do such as gargling with warm, saline water; proper flossing; and regular brushing of teeth. Severe toothache is a different story and the emergency dentist will help get to the root of the problem. Not that you will always end up having a root canal, but that’s one option.




4. Swollen Jaw or Mouth 

A swollen jaw or mouth can signal gum disease, salivary gland infection, swollen lymph nodes, or cancer, among other things. If you are feverish, have trouble swallowing and breathing, and have a swollen jaw, there is no time to waste. Call an emergency dental doctor right away.




5. Popping Jaw

If you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) and experienced a popping sensation in your jaw, you should call your emergency dental provider right away. Not only is it going to limit your movements (chewing, grinding, etc.), other severe issues could also start with it.




6. Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a sure reason to visit an emergency dentist. It can be caused by severe gum disease or an untreated cavity and is so painful that you can’t ignore it. You’re also likely to develop pus, swollen glands, and fever with an abscessed tooth. Your dentist will make sure to drain and treat the infection.




7. Canker Sores

Aphthous ulcers, otherwise known as canker sores, are lesions on the soft tissues of your mouth that normally occur many times in your lifetime. They can, however, become serious when they linger longer and become infected. Contact your emergency dentist if this lasts longer than 2 weeks.




8. Lost Fillings and Crowns

Lost fillings or crowns may not be so much of an emergency as others listed above. But when they loosen or fall out, it exposes the sensitive tooth tissues and roots which can be extremely painful. You will need them fixed as soon as you can.




9. Persistent Headaches

Your teeth, mouth, jaw, and head are so connected that if one hurts, the other reacts. If you’re constantly having chronic headaches, it could be that your jaw or mouth is also in pain and treatment should be done where it’s due.




10. Numb Tooth

You may not feel the pain, but a numb tooth can be a real problem. It could mean, for instance, that an abscess infection has penetrated to the roots of your teeth. If this is the case, immediate dental care is needed.




11. Exhaustion

You can be exhausted for many reasons, one is when your body is battling an infection which could turn out to be an oral infection. Whether it’s gum disease or a tooth abscess, visiting the dentist is of utmost necessity. 




12. Metal Taste in the Mouth

or metal fillings can crack or loosen over time. When they do, you’ll likely have toothache since new infections and cavities will have formed by then. To clear out the infection or bacteria, your dentist will check your tooth, apply a new filling or resort to a root canal treatment if necessary. 


In Need of Emergency Dental Care?


If you are experiencing one of the dental issues above, you should immediately seek an emergency dental care near your area. We can help you connect with one! Contact us today at 1-855-780-0880 and set up for an appointment.

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