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How Can You Get Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

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Dental emergencies can happen at any time to anyone. One minute you’re having a good time playing basketball with your friends, the next minute you’re holding your knocked-out tooth wondering what to do next.

Really, there are two places you can go – the nearest hospital ER or an emergency dental care provider near you.

Dental Emergencies in the Emergency Room

Hospital emergency rooms are the first destination for many health crises. In case of dental emergencies, the ER can provide urgent care where needed. 

If you have a knocked-out tooth, the ER staff can help control the bleeding. If you have a dental abscess, the emergency doctors can provide antibiotics. They can also help treat dental fractures and stabilize a patient who’s in extreme pain. If necessary, they can immediately transfer you to the hospital which is often in the same vicinity.


Despite these, the ER is still not the best destination for dental emergencies. Other than the fact that they have to accommodate so many patients at once, they may also not have an emergency dentist on stand-by. Furthermore, ERs don’t provide routine dental care, so they’ll likely have to refer you to a dentist anyway.


Thus, the best choice is to go to the nearest emergency dental care provider.

Where To Find An Emergency Dental Care Clinic?

We have done the work for you! We partnered with over 3600 of the best dental emergency clinics across the United States to help address your dental problem quickly. Find your city or state in 247Dental listings and contact the dental office of your choice.

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